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Smart Devices including music players, fitness trackers, hand held health device, Tablet manufacturers etc., need to keep pace with the ever increasing need for greater security, enhanced media processing, playback and performance management of low power devices, integration of high resolution displays, cameras and other sensors. With increasing complexity in devices of varying form factors and shorter launch cycles, OEMs face the challenge of keeping the quality and ensuring that they do not compromise on quality.

C2C offerings in smart devices, tablets, and low power devices are based on our in depth understanding of product complexities in the entire Smart Devices and Wearable ecosystem. C2C is enabling OEMs to build wearable devices equipped with cloud-based analytics along with industry best low power technologies such as sensors, connectivity and tracking solutions.

Krishna Chandra Chief Mentor

Krishna Chandra is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology and MBA from Rutgers University. Krishna is a serial entrepreneur, focusing on building world-class technology businesses. He is currently recreating a global technology consulting firm with deep domain focus on a number of areas such as Financial services, Health Care, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Technology, Security and Defence. The underlying core competence is each of the areas is built around managing big data in the context real time. 

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