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Semiconductor C2C Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Semiconductor technology is competing with itself and the geometry is evolving from 42nm technology to 10 nm technologies over the past decade. Semiconductors have been instrumental in revolutionizing the creation of new products by miniaturized form factors and making it affordable to reach out to a larger section of the society. In today’s world, semiconductors power from phones to planes.

Semiconductors have become sophisticated platforms that enable rapid product development that are catalyzing disruption. Semiconductor vendors must explore ways to manage evolving software that is so dynamic that changes much faster than the silicon platforms.

C2C provides the ability to integrate with third-party solutions and perform extensive testing of the final product to ensure a zero-defect launch for semiconductor companies.

Krishna Chandra Chief Mentor

Krishna Chandra is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology and MBA from Rutgers University. Krishna is a serial entrepreneur, focusing on building world-class technology businesses. He is currently recreating a global technology consulting firm with deep domain focus on a number of areas such as Financial services, Health Care, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Technology, Security and Defence. The underlying core competence is each of the areas is built around managing big data in the context real time. 

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