C2C Innovations

C2C Innovations

Firmware C2C Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

C2C’s strength lies in the ability to develop complete firmware and applications for a wide range of host-based and real-time operating platforms. We offer firmware development as part of the System-on-Chip (SoC) development besides independent service in the Automotive, Smart Device and Wearable and Semiconductor industries.


  • Migration of embedded applications
  • Protocols and device drivers across hardware platforms
  • Wide range of operating systems and kernel versions
  • OS porting on new hardware platforms
  • Migration across middleware frameworks and API libraries
  • OS expertise spans Android, Linux, Windows and various RTOS

Board Support Package and Driver

  • Device driver development
  • Platform enabling
  • Kernel testing and other services
  • Performance optimization
  • Maintenance and support
  • Application Software / Middleware Development
  • Applications : App gallery, media playback, remote controller apps, content browser, smart TV connectivity apps for smart phones/tablets, IP EPG, OTA (Over the Air) download


  • Integration of FFMPEG, DLNA, DRM, DVB-T/S to Google TV framework.
  • Customization and integration of various multimedia modules (2D/3D) into Google TV framework

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