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C2C Innovations

Engagement Model C2C Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

C2C offers turnkey solutions for embedded product development in automotive, semiconductor, smart devices & wearable and industrial sectors right from concept to product design and development as part of its embedded design engineering services portfolio.

C2Cs business model includes:

  • Time & Material : Under T & M services, C2C shall deploy its human resources and tools to provide specific services. Every project will be estimated based on the time and effort required to deliver the solution and shall be charged on a monthly basis for the resources deployed along with the material charges.
  • Fixed Price Projects : Under FPP, overall project effort and associated timeline shall be estimated and lump sum fee will be charged. In FPP, C2C shall decide on the team composition with respect to ramping up and ramping down but ensure deliverable based on the timeline committed.
  • Resource Augmentation : C2C offers onsite resources that work as part of the core development team under customer organizations. Given that C2C owns rich resources in each of the chosen domains and the industry segments, can deploy a team of resources with a development and test lead that are responsible for a given project with end-to-end delivery. C2C can boot strap team at customer sites as well.
  • Offshore Development Center OR Extended Office : C2C can build an extended office OR ODC for its customers for specific long-term project engagement. ODC shall be fully secured based on ISO 27001 mandates with requisite physical and IT security controls connected via point-to-point lease circuit. Multiple projects can be carried out under secluded environments.

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