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Cyber Security Practices C2C Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

C2C provides cyber intelligence decision-making platform for the federal and the corporates to be resilient about advanced cyber attacks. C2C help build cyber strategy including e-Governance, Risk and Compliance management, protection from targeted advanced persistent attacks, providing 24*7*365 events log management, cyber forensics, privileged end user and identity management, pro-active file remediation, vulnerability management for both end points and perimeter level assets and ensure end to end Defence for the enterprises and federal institutions.

Besides, we help build adequate skills to combat cyber attacks. We provide secure coding training as part of the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) program for the developer’s community. We also help build internal Red and Blue team to discover threats in people, process and technology (PPT) so that the organization pose continuous challenge internally and thus resilient from actual external threat actor’s attacks. Statistics says most threats are internal to an organization and hence it is imperative to provide adequate secure user training program for the entire organization not to get victimized for the cyber threats.

To bring in comprehensive coverage by way of product, people and process, we offer a gamut of cyber security product and services.

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